PRESTO – Promoting Cycling for Everyone as a Daily Transport Mode

The BC Climate Action Toolkit sometimes looks to leaders outside British Columbia for lessons learned and best practices. the European organisation PRESTO has developed several documents (4 Policy guides and 25 implementation Fact sheets) to could help building capacity in cycling policies in British Columbia.

The 4 policy guides offer a clear and systematic framework to help decision makers develop a cycling policy strategy, the Lessons Learnt document summarizes the main recommendations for different aspects of cycling in cities. The guides cover the following topics:

  • Policy Guide 1: Cycling Infrastructure 
  • Policy Guide 2: Cycling Promotion 
  • Policy Guide 3: Electric Bicycles 
  • Policy Guide 4: General Cycling Framework 
  • Lessons Learnt: in five cities
The policy guides are accompanied by 25 implementation Fact sheets giving more detailed and practical (technical) information on how to implement a selection of infrastructure, promotion and pedelecs policy measures. They are meant as a working instrument for those involved in implementing cycling policy.
Dirk Dufour, Ligtermoet & Partners, Rafael Urbanczyk, Annick Roetynck,
Intelligent Energy
Feb, 2010
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