Opportunities for Mapping Rooftop Solar Energy using LiDAR

This short report on Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is intended to familiarize local government staff and elected officials with the potential benefits of using LiDAR. The specific application of LiDAR to solar energy mapping is provided, although this presents only one of many valuable products that can be generated from these datasets.

LiDAR is a powerful tool that local governments can use to improve management and planning tasks. Across British Columbia, LiDAR datasets are becoming increasingly commonplace in municipal and regional data libraries and offer a much greater range of applications than traditional air photos.

In this report, the reader is presented with a non-technical description of LiDAR technology and examples of existing solar mapping applications across the Province. The report concludes with a list of recommendations to support local governments interested in pursuing LiDAR data acquisition.

This report can be downloaded from the link below.

Author: Thoreau Rory Tooke
Publisher: Climate Action Secreteriat
Mar, 2013
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