Municipal Green Building Leaders Publications

The Green Building Leaders project worked closely with local government partners to research three broad policy areas:

  • Energy performance standards for existing buildings.
  • Renewable energy requirements for new buildings.
  • Higher energy performance standards for new buildings.

Fact Sheets

Encouraging On-Site Renewable Energy: There are lots of different ways to use renewable energy to help meet the everyday energy needs of our homes, businesses and neighbourhoods

Home Energy Labelling: With funding from the Real Estate Foundation and partner communities, the Green Building Leaders are working on mandatory energy labelling for new and existing homes.

Discussion Papers

The purpose of the Project is to generate technical and legal information to help participating local governments (both municipalities and regional districts) understand how existing local government jurisdiction can be used to implement high energy performance in buildings, and to engage with the provincial government on possibilities to enable local governments to take leadership in this area.

Deborah Curran, May 25, 2010
This report outlines policies that require on-site renewable energy generation for homes and buildings.

Hayes Zirnhelt, Matt Horne, January 2010
Providing better information about a building’s efficiency will facilitate owners and occupants to make decisions that reduce energy consumption.

Hayes Zirnhelt, Matt Horne, January 2010
This Green Building Leaders discussion paper provides a sampling of efforts to improve the energy efficiency of new buildings through local government or provincial regulation. The research is intended to support local governments considering similar approaches in British Columbia.

Jesse Row, Paul Cobb, Matt Horne, April 2010
This study assesses new construction strategies that can result in a 30 percent improvement over current building code for multi-family residential and non-residential buildings that are admissible under Part 3 of the Building Code and for single family homes and low rise buildings that fall under Part 9 of the BC Building Code.
Helen Goodland, May 2010


Authors: Green Building Leaders
Publisher: Pembina Institute
Aug, 2010
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