Community Energy Planning: The Value Proposition

Community Energy Planning: The Value Proposition describes how Community Energy Plans can:

  • Help achieve environmental and community health goals
  • Recirculate money spent on energy within a community and its region
  • Contribute to achieving local economic development goals
  • Create opportunities for local energy cost savings and job creation
  • Help to mitigate financial risks from future carbon pricing and energy price volatility
  • Contribute to strong and resilient local economies
  • And achieve other broad economic impacts
The Getting to Implementation initiative is a collaborative initiative being spearheaded by the leading community energy experts in Canada.  It is being led in partnership by the Community Energy Association, QUEST – Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow, and Sustainable Prosperity.  Find out more about these organizations by clicking on the links below.
Stephanie Cairns, Sustainable Prosperity and Adam Baylin-Stern, Sustainable Prosperity
Community Energy Planning: Getting to Implementation in Canada
Feb, 2016
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