Community-Based Renewable Energy in BC - A Snapshot

Since 1995, BC’s provincial government has created new legislation, developed supportive policies and programs and provided funding opportunities to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency in communities across the province.

    The Community-Based Renewable Energy in BC: A Snapshot report provides;

    • A snapshot of community-based renewable energy projects in BC at the end of 2013;
    • comments on how BC’s legislative and policy framework and various dedicated programs across the province and over the years have supported the development of these projects; and
    • Suggests a strategy for moving forward.
    The systems profiled draw on a variety of natural and other sources, can be applied at a small scale (e.g., residential level) and may require no external support (hence no record keeping).
    This guide includes tables that highlight different sources of renewable energy in BC, their end use, supportive policies and incentives, barriers and status.


    Author: Community Energy Association
    Publisher: B.C. Climate Action Secretariat
    May, 2014
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