Capital Regional District Regional Pedestrian & Cycling Masterplan with Design Guidelines

The CRD Regional Pedestrian and Cycling Masterplan (PCMP) identifies guidelines, policies and standards for providing universal pedestrian accessibility, bicycle and pedestrian trip enhancement facilities such as bicycle parking and integration with transit. 
PCMP Design Guidelines provide a framework for developing pedestrian and bicycle corridors and signage that are attractive to users of all abilities. This common set of guidelines will contribute to making the region more universally accessible by providing consistent and predictable messaging. 
The PCMP Design Guidelines were developed to provide a consistent and comprehensive reference for the implementation of walkway and bikeway network throughout the Region, containing the highest quality standards of pedestrian and bicycle safety comfort and convenience.
Key principles for the guidelines are:
  • The walking and cycling environment should be safe.
  • Pedestrian and cycling facilities shold be consistently designed and installed.
  • The networks should connect to places peoople want to go.
  • The environment should be easy to understand and use.
  • Improvements hsould be economical.
  • Guidelines should be flexible and applied with professional judgement to ensure context and sensitivy.
The design guidelines are a resource around which municipalities can engage in reviewing best practices, sharing and learning from each other. 
ALTA Planning + Design
Capital Regional District
Mar, 2011
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