Acting on Climate Change: Solutions by Canadian Scholars

A scholarly consensus on science-based, viable solutions for greenhouse gas reduction.

Acting on Climate Change: Solutions by Canadian Scholars presents ten key policy orientations, illustrated by specific climate actions, that could be adopted by Canada to transition toward a low-carbon society.
This position paper identifies policy orientations that could help cities transition to low-carbon economy. For example, 
Rapidly adopt low-carbon transportation strategies.
Integrate landscape, land use, transportation and energy infrastructure planning
Policies at multiple scales to ensure climate change mitigation.
Support evolution of the building sector toward a carbon neutral or carbon-positive sector
Sustainable Canada Dialogues has mobilized over 60 Canadian scholars from every province, representing climate change expertise in areas from engineering to sociology.
Authors: Multiple
Publishers: Sustainable Canada Dialogues, an initiative under the UNESCO- McGill Chair for Dialogues on Sustainability and the Trottier Institute for Science and Public Policy.
Mar, 2015
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