GCC Webinar: Carbon Neutral Reporting Requirements

Organization: Green Communities Committee

2012 marks the first year that local governments will be asked to report specifically on their progress in achieving carbon neutrality to the public and the Province in addition to reporting on general corporate and community wide actions. 

The joint Provincial-UBCM Green Communities Committee  held webinars in November 2012  to provide local governments with detailed information on the carbon neutral reporting requirements.  
The recordings of these webinars can be accessed below. The webinar covers:
  • Reporting requirements associated with each step of the carbon neutral framework (measure, reduce, offset and/or balance, report)
  • Reporting timelines
  • Where reports are submitted 

Full guidance and downloadable reports are available on the Carbon Neutral page: www.toolkit.bc.ca/cnlg

The webinar is available at the bottom of this page or here through Vimeo live video streaming

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