Vancouver’s green buildings policy and the benefits of energy efficient homes include affordable heating bills, job creation, and better health


Pembina Institute

Mon, 05/01/2017
This week, Vancouver is taking an important step toward making our homes and buildings healthier, greener, and more efficient. On May 1, the City of Vancouver’s updated Green Buildings Policy for Rezonings comes into effect, mandating that new commercial and multi-unit residential buildings be built to standards that ensure they are airtight and soundproof, and have excellent insulation and ventilation. Buildings constructed under the new rules will emit about half as much carbon pollution as older buildings, making a significant contribution to the city’s goal of using only renewable sources of energy by 2050.
The good news for homeowners and renters? These buildings will boast consistent indoor temperatures, high indoor air quality, and last longer. They will also use very little energy and, therefore, will be much more affordable to heat. Best of all, due to the simplicity of insulation-first design, these benefits — and the emissions reductions that accompany them — will come with lower overall and operating costs.