Success Story: A push for innovation - an economic way to increase safe cycling in Kelowna


BC Climate Action Toolkit

Tue, 02/14/2017
City of Kelowna discovered a creative way to use wireless pushbutton technology for detecting cyclists at road intersections and increased cyclist safety at a fraction of a cost. New technology that converts mechanical push to a wireless signal was adapted to replace traditional method which requires digging up the road or island for an underground conduit and wiring. 

Success Story Snapshot

  • Energy Savings / GHG Reductions: Emission reductions specific to this initiative are not easily calculated as it is a part of the City’s broader plans to encourage increased cycling.
  • Business Case: The cost of this new wireless technology is approximately $1,000 for the unit and the installation costs, compared to older methods which could cost up to $10,000 or upwards. Additional savings can be attributed to fast installation that requires less staff time, results in fewer road closures and shorter traffic delays.
  • Co-benefits: The new technology is expected to result in reduced maintenance costs as the infrastructure can be brought up very fast and replacement is quick as well.
  • Total project cost: The cost of testing, developing and launching this project was minimal as the technology already existed. The supplier provided a sample which was tested on site and found to work effectively.