See the Heat program encourages Kamloops residents to borrow thermal imaging camera from local library to asses heat loss from homes


City of Kamloops

Wed, 04/03/2019

The See the Heat program is a partnership between the City of Kamloops, the Thompson Nicola Regional Library System and FortisBC which provides residents of Kamloops and the Regional District the opportunity to borrow a thermal imaging camera which attaches to a smart phone. Also included as a give-away is a draft proofing kit so program participants can do some minor retrofits. Residents are encouraged to use the thermal imaging camera to conduct a simple audit of their house to build understanding of heat loss from windows, doors, light switches, and through thermal bridging.

The overall goal of this program is to increase homeowners’ interest in deep energy retrofits of their home. Engaging with citizens and encouraging energy retrofits is essential to reducing community-wide GHG’s. In Kamloops residential buildings make up 20% of community-wide emissions making them a prime target for efforts to reduce GHG’s.
This program has been very well received with almost 60 residents having participated since Jan. 25 2019. The wait list has been holding steady at about 250 people throughout the 2 months the program has been operating.