Saanich develops agriculture and food security plan to ensure a sustainable future for the community


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Wed, 04/17/2019
For the District of Saanich, food security starts in the community’s backyard. The District’s new Agriculture and Food Security Plan (the Plan) sets a long-term vision to support a thriving, accessible, and environmentally responsible food system. The Plan outlines strategies and sets a policy framework to help Saanich protect and support farmland and to provide a vibrant agricultural legacy to future generations. 

Success Story Snapshot

  • Energy Savings / GHG Reductions: Food related emissions amount to 19% of the District of Saanich’s total carbon footprint. The Agriculture and Food Security Plan outlines household waste reduction, sustainable water management, integration with natural ecosystems, and increased local production as strategies to reduce food related emissions in the community and support the new commitment by the District to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80% below 2007 levels by 2050.
  • Business Case: The Plan highlights priority actions that will collectively increase production on agricultural lands and in urban areas, improve management of waste products, and improve local food economy resources. Saanich Council has identified funding to support implementation of priority actions identified in the Plan, providing a strong foundation to initiate action.
  • Co-benefits: Actions identified in the Plan will enhance the community’s ability to adapt and respond to potential external influences or events that impact access to food. Many actions in the Plan also look at providing a stronger integration between farming and ecosystem management, and supporting a more sustainable and restorative approach to resource management. The Plan also supports an increased awareness of the important contributions farming has on the local economy.
  • Total project cost: The Agriculture and Food Security Plan had a budget of $45,000, which included engagement with the community and stakeholder groups and hiring a consultant to develop Plan actions.

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