Primer on the Ecological Accounting Process


CivicInfo BC

Mon, 01/28/2019
Released by the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia in January 2019, the Primer on the Ecological Accounting Process (EAP) introduces a valuation methodology that uses readily available financial information from the BC Assessment database. The methodology yields an asset value for the stream corridor. This value can then be used for budget purposes related to asset management.
In contrast to an economic rationale, EAP is underpinned by a simple strategy: approach the problem from a social point of view.  What does the community think its ecological assets and services are worth?
The EAP methodology was developed through two demonstration applications undertaken in collaboration with the Town of Comox and Cowichan Valley Regional District, respectively.
The Partnership for Water Sustainability gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the governments of Canada and British Columbia through the Clean Water & Wastewater Fund.