Low Carbon Economy Challenge


Community Energy Association

Mon, 02/04/2019
The federal government is now accepting applications for the Partnership Stream of the Low Carbon Economy Challenge. The Partnership stream provides $50 million to projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and foster clean growth. 
Small municipalities (populations under 100,000), indigenous communities and organizations, not for profit organizations, and small and medium sized businesses are eligible to apply. 
The federal government will fund up to 40% of eligible costs for local government and non profit organization projects, up to 75% of costs for indigenous projects, and up to 25% of eligible expenditures for private sector projects. Federal contributions between $500,000 - $10 million per project and per recipient are available. 
Projects will be primarily selected on their ability to lower greenhouse gas emissions. However, a project’s contribution to clean growth, energy savings and job creation, risk and feasibility, and cost-effectiveness will also be considered.
For further information about this funding opportunity, including additional eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit the Government of Canada website. The application deadline in March 8.