The Energy Step Code costing study and summary report


BC Energy Step Code

Tue, 09/26/2017
This Summary Report presents the findings of a comprehensive exploration of the energy, emissions and economic impacts of the British Columbia (BC) Energy Step Code (“Step Code”). The research represents one of the most extensive energy analyses of buildings in Canada.
The research shows that meeting the requirements of the Lower Steps of the BC Energy Step Code involve only very modest construction premiums and that improved energy efficiency and affordability can go hand in hand. 
Other high-level findings include the following:
  • It is generally easier and more cost-effective to meet BC Energy Step Code requirements in simple buildings that share common walls—such as townhomes and apartments.
  • When it comes to energy efficiency, building shape and orientation impact cost. A south-facing home with modest window areas and compact building form will be more cost effective in achieving higher performance than a complicated building with many windows looking north.
  • As industry gains experience with energy efficient construction practices—and energy-efficient products become more readily available—cost premiums will decrease. A clear timeline with extra time allowed for implementation of higher steps will help industry to get ready.
  • The most cost-effective time to invest in a building's energy efficiency is at its conceptual design stage. 

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