District Completes First Phase of Moving Saanich Forward Active Transportation Plan


Civic Info BC

Fri, 05/05/2017
After three months of technical analysis and public engagement, the District of Saanich has completed the first phase of Moving Saanich Forward. More than 2,000 residents have been involved in the process to date, attending events, interacting on social media and completing surveys.
Through the public engagement process a number of key themes emerged, including:
  • 41% of survey respondents walk and bike to exercise of have fun. 
  • Health is the top reasons why survey respondents say they walk and bike.
  • Gaps in the network is the top barrier to walking and biking according to survey respondents.
  • 32% of survey respondents would be encouraged to walk more often if there were more trails and greenways. 
  • 90% of workshop participants said a 7% increase in the mode share of walking and biking trips by 2036 is too low.
What we heard through the public engagement process will be incorporated as the project transitions into its second phase, developing a vision, goals and targets for active transportation in Saanich.
To report back on the results of the first phase, two reports have been prepared.
The Moving Saanich Forward team is now working to develop a draft pedestrian and bicycle network plan as well as recommendations for the draft Active Transportation Plan. Planning is also underway for the second round of public engagement. This spring, 2017 the Moving Saanich Forward team will host a community roadshow, stopping in six Saanich neighbourhoods this May.