City of Kelowna's Capri Landmark Urban Centre Plan supports its Climate Action goals of Complete Communities


City of Kelowna

Wed, 05/08/2019

City of Kelowna staff would like to share its experience of developing and approving its new urban centre plan as a success story. Staff see it as a promising example of translating higher level OCP direction into a detailed urban centre plan that will move the City forward on a range of key Climate Action initiatives including:

  • Sustainable Transportation,
  • Parks and Public Space,
  • Daylighting Creeks, and
  • Implementing an urban centre focused growth management strategy.  

The process was somewhat unique as we developed a strategy in 2016 called the Urban Centres Roadmap that established the City’s overarching goals for urban centre development.

The Urban Centres Roadmap (UCR) establishes various principles and targets that can serve as the foundation for the City’s future urban centre plans (5 to be developed). By developing the UCR the City is able to move beyond the conversation of what the goals for each urban centre plan. The main objectives / targets are set and then it is about looking at what unique opportunities or challenges exist.

Using this unique target-based approach the City developed the Capri-Landmark Urban Centre Plan. There a number of lessons learned in terms of mid-sized communities embarking on detailed town centre planning to support growth management goals. In Kelowna urban centre redevelopment is the lynchpin of the city’s growth management strategy, shifting from the historic pattern of greenfield development to urban centre redevelopment.

Also, the Plan provides a good example of translating high level policy around sustainable transportation, land use intensification, parks planning and climate resilience into on the ground detailed plans and actions.

Staff used a number of approaches to build political support for this plan and its underlying climate action goals such as the CLIC tool, working with partners such as Interior health, integrating with transportation master plan goals.

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