CEA Support in Applying for CleanBC Communities Fund Grant



Sun, 03/10/2019
In support of the Province of BC’s new CleanBC Plan, the provincial government announced the CleanBC Communities Fund (CCF). The CCF funds public infrastructure projects in BC communities that achieve one of four outcomes: increase capacity to manage renewable energy, increase access to clean energy transportation, increase energy efficiency of buildings, or increase the generation of clean energy.
The Community Energy Association is available to provide free support to local governments and indigenous communities who wish to apply for a CCF grant, particularly for the completion of the preliminary GHG mitigation calculation and assessment.
Local governments may receive funding for up to 73.33% of eligible project costs, while indigenous communities may obtain up to 90% in funding. Not-for-profit and for-profit organizations may also apply, although they must collaborate with at least one indigenous or local government to be eligible.
The application deadline is March 27, 2019, 11:59 Pacific time. For more info on the CCF, please consult the CleanBC Communities Fund website.
If you are interested in applying and would like CEA’s support with the GHG assessment for your project, contact us at gdong@communityenergy.bc.ca.