British Columbia Releases Active Transportation Design Guide


Government of British Columbia 

Fri, 06/14/2019

The British Columbia Active Transportation Design Guide is a comprehensive set of planning and engineering guidelines offering recommendations for the planning, selection, design, implementation, and maintenance of active transportation facilities across the province. The primary audience for the Design Guide is design professionals in the engineering, planning, landscape architecture, and architecture fields. It may also be a valuable resource for elected officials, community groups, and the general public. The Design Guide brings together engineering principles and best practices from the municipal, provincial, national, and international levels. It was developed with input from a diverse range of stakeholders from across B.C. Stakeholders included staff from the provincial government as represented by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), local and regional governments, Indigenous communities, advocacy groups, professional associations, and academics.

The goals of the Design Guide are:
  • To provide a reference that is useful for communities of all types, sizes, and contexts;
  • To create consistency in the design of active transportation facilities throughout the province;
  • To provide a widely available resource to increase the quality of the design of active transportation facilities throughout B.C. and beyond; and
  • To support provincial grant programs with design guidance specific to B.C. to clarify the provincial government’s expectations for the design of active transportation facilities.

Click here for the access to the full guide.

This free resource, published by the B.C. government, will help guide communities in building safe, effective active transportation infrastructure.