Beyond the Horizon: Sustainable Land Use in British Columbia - the second report in REFBC's land use series



Thu, 02/14/2019
In 2018, the Real Estate Foundation of BC (REFBC) partnered with The Firelight Group to examine trends, challenges, and opportunities for sustainable land use. Through this project, we reviewed literature, interviewed land use experts, and conducted a survey of land managers and other professionals. REFBC also commissioned a public opinion poll on land use, sustainability, and rural planning.
Research findings are available in a new report, Beyond the Horizon.
This research shows that climate adaptation, cumulative effects, and ecosystem degradation are major challenges for land managers, especially in rural areas. In many parts of the province, Indigenous communities are leading the way on land use planning, governance, and conservation initiatives.
The report groups these findings into seven themes:
  • Climate change and the sustainable economy
  • Cross-sectoral coordination
  • Environmental laws and policies in rural communities
  • Indigenous-led initiatives
  • Ecosystem conservation
  • Rural-urban disparities
  • Public perceptions of land use
With help from advisors, REFBC identified five priorities:
  • Coordinate land use actors and initiatives to harmonize planning with a geographic area.
  • Align land use frameworks to guide decision-making and track impacts.
  • Mobilize land use education and outreach to engage citizens and share data.
  • Support Indigenous-led processes for land use planning, management, and governance.
  • Adapt the roles of non-profits to complement Indigenous and local government leadership.
For each priority, REFBC has suggested recommendations for future actions.
The findings from this project will help to inform REFBC’s grantmaking and partnerships.