2018 Asset Management Planning Program



Wed, 02/06/2019
The Asset Management Planning Program was created in 2014 through a $1.5 million contribution from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing. Since that time, an additional $1.1 million has been contributed to the program in order to support planning grants, training subsidies and the development of asset management resources.
The intent of the program is to assist local governments in delivering sustainable services by extending and deepening asset management practices within their organizations.  Since 2015, 142 grants have been awarded to 100 local governments.
Matching grants of up to $15,000.00 are available under the 2018 Asset Management Planning Program to support activities that advance a local government’s asset management planning or practices, and that facilitate better integration of asset management planning with long term financial planning.
Applications can be submitted at any time; however, funding permitting, applications will only be reviewed two times in 2017/18. Applicants will be advised of the status of their application within 60 days of the following application deadlines: November 17, 2017 and March 31, 2018.