2012 Community Energy and Emissions Inventory (CEEI) reports are now available


Climate Action Secretariat

Tue, 01/24/2017
The Community Energy and Emissions Inventory (CEEI) provides a provincial framework for reporting energy, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and supporting indicators at a community-wide scale across B.C.
The reports provide local governments and other users with accurate, consistent and relevant information within each local government’s jurisdictional boundary to support them in meeting their Climate Action Charter commitments.
The CEEI reports represent energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from communities which are organized around four primary sectors: buildings, on-road transportation (Lower Mainland), municipal solid waste, and land-use change from deforestation. These main categories are supplemented by seven supporting indicators tailored to accommodate the needs of community planners. CEEI reports also include additional information on two “memo items” at the regional district level, which include enteric fermentation from agricultural livestock and emissions from large industrial facilities.